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The Department of Civil Engineering is the largest department of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). The department offers four year undergraduate program leading to B.Sc.Engg. degree and Master's and Ph.D. degrees. Department offices, lecture halls and most of the labs are housed in the Civil Engineering Building.

The department plays a very important role in the country's infrastructural development. Many important construction works and projects in the field of structural, geotechnical, transportation and environmental engineering are carried out with the consultancy services of this department. Various tests regarding material properties, constructional quality control etc. are done in the department's laboratories.

Prof.Dr. Abdul Muqtadir is the present head of the department. 

Correspondence : 
Telephone: 880𣈃66  5639 
E-mail: headce@ce.buet.ac.bd


Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.