Dr. Tanvir Ahmed

Email: tanvirahmed@ce.buet.ac.bd
PABX No: 6731
Room No: 543
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Dr. Tanvir Ahmed


Specialization: Environmental Engineering

Dr. Tanvir Ahmed received his Bachelors and Masters degree in Civil Engineering from BUET in 2003 and 2005, respectively and PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA in 2011. He has been a faculty of BUET since 2003 and currently working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering. His research interest broadly encompasses environmental modeling and health risk assessment of environmental contaminants and authored  several papers in distinguished journals and conferences. He is involved in several national and international projects as a consultant and EIA specialist. Dr. Ahmed received a number of awards in recognition for his excellence in academic achievements and teaching. These include The Prime Minister’s Gold Medal in 1994 for securing the 1st merit position in the national SSC exam, Malik Akram Hossain Gold Medal in 2003 and Dean’s award  for academic excellence as a civil engineering student. He received the Schoettler Fellowship and Martin Fellowship for Sustainability while pursuing his PhD at MIT and was awarded the Maseeh Award for excellence in teaching from MIT in 2009. He is the author of the textbook “Environmental Sanitation, Wastewater Treatment and Disposal” published by the University Grants Commission. He is involved with the Department of Environment for drafting the “National Action Plan for Short-lived Climate Pollutants” and “Minamata Initial Assessment Report and Developing the National Mercury Profile”. He has been part of a World Bank expert team for conducting the ‘Bangladesh Country Environmental Analysis’.


  • Ph.D., 2011 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA
  • M.Sc,. 2005 Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)
  • B.Sc., 2003 Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

Research Interest

  • Environmental contaminant fate and transport, health risk assessment, waste stabilization and recycling, environmental impact assessment, rainwater harvesting

Research Awards

  • [No info available]

Professional Work at National and International Levels

Since 2015, he is working as a Short-Term Consultant for the Environment and Natural Resources Global Practice team of the World Bank and providing environmental safeguard support to the World Bank-financed projects in Bangladesh including – Dhaka Sanitation Improvement Project (DWASA), Ghorashal Unit-4 Re-powering project (BPDB), Financial Support Services Project (Bangladesh Bank), Investment Promotion Financing Facility (Bangladesh Bank), Health Sector Services Project (DGHS),Dhaka Sanitation Improvement Project (DWASA), College Education Development Project (National University), Higher Education Quality Assurance Project (University Grants Commission), Primary Education Development Project III (DPE), Secondary Education Development Project (DSHE), Rural Bridges Program (LGED) and so on. Since 2011, he has been working as a consultant for the Bureau of Research, testing and Consultation (BRTC), BUET and have been providing expert services in particular carrying out environmental and social assessments of a number of major projects of the country, including power plants, industries, townships, etc. for Government agencies and private entities. He has worked in the following projects related to ESIA:

  1. World Bank financed 335 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant in Siddhirganj, Narayanganj (Client: EGCB Ltd., World Bank)
  2. environmental baseline studies for the establishment of the 1000 MW nuclear power plant in Rooppur, Pabna (Client: Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission)
  3. Environmental Management Framework (EMF) for Municipalities Governance and Services Project (MGSP) (Client: LGED, World Bank)
  4. Environmental and Social Management Framework (EMF) for Rural Electricity Transmission and Distribution Project (RETDP) (Client: PGCB-REB, World Bank)
  5. Saidabad phase III Water Treatment Plant Project (Client: Institute of Water Modelling)
  6. The construction of 40-storied CPA tower (Client: Chittagong Port Authority)
  7. ESIA and ESMF of Fiber@Home Nationwide Optic Fiber Project.
  8. Rajshahi WASA Water Treatment Plant (Client: Institute of Water Modelling and RWASA)
  9. 55 MW HFO-fired Power plant in Manikganj (Client: Dhaka Northern Power Generation Ltd)
  10. 400MW Combined Cycle Power Plant in Bibiyana (Client: Bangladesh Power Development Board)
  11. United Group 300 MW HFO-fired Power plant in Anowara, Chittagong (Client: United Anowara Power Limited)

Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed Journals

  1. Chowdhury, Z.U.M., Ahmed, T., Antunes, A.P.M. and Paul, H.L. (2018) Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Leather Processing Industry: A Case Study of Bangladesh. SLTC Journal, 102: 18-26
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Edited/Authored books

  1. Ahmed, T., Ali, M.A., Al-Muyeed, A. and Islam, T. (2016) Prospects, Principles and Practice of Urban Rainwater Harvesting in Bangladesh: A Guidebook for Professionals, Practitioners and Students. WaterAid Bangladesh. (ISBN: 978-984-34-0654-5)
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Conference Proceedings and articles in books

  1. Islam, N., Saroar, G.M. and Ahmed, T. (2018) Meteorological Influences on Atmospheric Particles in Darus Salam Area Of Dhaka City. Proceedings of the 4thInternational Conference on Civil Engineering for Sustainable Development (ICCESD 2018), 9-11 February 2018, KUET, Khulna, Bangladesh
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