Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) is known for its commitment to be the best when it comes to providing higher education in engineering and with it, comes one of the largest and oldest departments in the university – the Department of Civil Engineering. This department is known to provide the best curriculum for both the Undergraduate and Post-graduate students. This is possible due to the strong and highly cooperative faculty, homing about 50 PhD holders and other aspiring figures as teachers and mentors. This department is also providing the best labs for all the four majors: Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Transportation Engineering, kept under the supervision of senior Professors with the help of highly skilled and experienced lab assistants. This Department of Civil Engineering, annually, takes in 195 freshers under the Bachelor’s programme and another 200 graduates for the Master’s and PhD program. This is a leading academic department in the country due to the outstanding graduates it is producing, its various research activities and its extensive involvements in countless important national development projects. The Alumni of this department are achieving great heights on a regular manner all around the country and abroad, which speak about the excellence of the Department of Civil Engineering.

Head of The Department

Dr. Ahsanul Kabir



Civil Engineering Students Organized Picnic 2019

Friday, 1st Feb. 2019.  A picnic of the students of the Dept. of Civil Engineering, BUET was arranged on Friday, 1st Feb. 2019. It was organized by the graduating students of Level-4, Term-2 (Civil Batch ’14). The picnic was held at the picnic spot of BangabandhuBrideg Resort in Tangail. A total of about three hundred…

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CE Dept. of BUET Organized GCSTMR Conferences

19-22 January, Dhaka.  The Department of Civil Engineering, BUET organized three conferences jointly with Global Circle for Scientific, Technological and Management Research, (GCSTMR) of Australia held on 19 – 22 January, 2019. The conferences are 2nd International Conference on Water and Environmental Engineering (iCWEE 2019), 2nd International Conference on Structural Engineering and Research (iCSER 2019),…

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