Department of Civil engineerng is well reputed not only because of its educational standard but also due to it’s commitment to the infrastructural development of the country. The department is well reputed due to its consultancy projects in different feilds of development. These consultancies are run under four divisional supervision. They are









A number of testing of different Construction materials are carried out here under the above Divisional super vision. The list of material that are tested here are listed below:

  • Aggregate
  • Bricks
  • Bitumen
  • Cement
  • Cement Concrete
  • Gauges
  • R.C.C Pipes
  • Steel
  • Soil
  • Geotextile
  • Rubber/Plustic/PVC materials
  • Water ( Drinking water, Agriculture use, Pollution Study, Miscellaneous parameters)
  • Environment Quality of soil.

Environmental Engineering Division

The environmental engineering division has been providing testing design and consultancy services for more that three decades in diverse areas including water supply: water, waste water and industrial waste quality treatment; solid and hazardous waste management; biogas technology; air and noise pollution; environmental management planning; environmental auditing; environmental site assessment, and environmental impact assessment and monitoring. Over the years, the division has gained considerable expertise and experience in these areas and has developed a solid reputation both at national and international levels.

The well-equipped laboratories of the division are the most advanced of their kind in the country and have equipment, facilities, and highly experienced laboratory technicians for detailed analysis of water, wastewater, industrial effluent, oil drilling mud and cuttings, air and noise quality. The laboratories also have facilities for model testing of water and wastewater treatment systems.


  • Testing of water for determining its suitability for drinking purpose.
  • Testing of water for determining its suitability for various industrial uses.
  • Determination of As, Pb, Cr, Cd, Se, Hg, Zn and other heavy metals in water samples.
  • Determination of As and other heavy metals in soil and food samples.
  • Detailed characterization of water, wastewater, sediment and sludge.
  • Testing for release of cadmium and lead from decorative ceramic wares.
  • TCLP tests for assessing leaching of contaminants from solid waste and sludge.
  • Testing of oil drilling mud and cuttings.
  • Air quality and noise level measurement.
  • Testing for Total Coliform, Fecal/ Thermo-tolerant Coliforms, and E. Coli.


  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Solid, hazardous and industrial waste management and pollution control
  • Design of sanitary landfill
  • Design of water supply system and production tubewells
  • Design of water and wastewater treatment systems
  • Design of Iron and Arsenic removal plants
  • Plumbing and sewerage system design
  • Design of storm water drainage system
  • Modeling of pollutant transport in surface and groundwater
  • Mixing zone modeling of thermal discharge of power plants
  • Training on air quality management, water quality, water supply, waste management, sanitation, environmental management, and ISO14000

Geotechnical Engineering Division

The Geotechnical Engineering Division has been providing testing, design and consultancy services since its inception in a number of areas including sub-soil investigation, soil and rock characterization, engineering properties of soils and rocks, in-situ testing of soils, physical and mechanical properties of geotextiles, design and analysis of shallow and deep foundations, pile load testing, pile installation problems, earth retaining structures, including reinforced earth wall design and construction, soil improvement, dynamic analysis of soils, seismic design of foundations, earthquake hazard analysis, and development of micro-zonation maps for different areas based on soil parameters, liquefaction data, etc. Over the past years, this division has achieved considerable expertise and experience in these areas and has achieved an excellent reputation.

The well-equipped undergraduate and postgraduate laboratories of the Geotechnical Engineering division have facilities for detailed testing and analysis of soils, rocks and geotextiles. Moreover, the postgraduate laboratory has computational facilities for the design, analysis and research of wide range of geotechnical problems.


  • Measurement of physical and engineering properties of soils and rocks.
  • Measurement physical and mechanical properties of geotextiles.
  • In-situ testing, including field density test, plate loading test, dynamic cone penetration test, Marchetti dilatometer test and pile load test.
  • Pore size distribution measurement using high-pressure and low-pressure mercury porosimeter, capable of measuring pore size less than 1 micro meter.
  • Geophysical survey to measure Primary Wave Velocity of soil.
  • Pile integrity tests using a Sonic Integrity Testing System (SIT-system) to check the in-situ pile length and to detect irregularities and/or cracks in the pile shaft.
  • Testing and advisory service for sub-soil exploration.


  • Design and analysis of shallow and deep foundations
  • Design and analysis of embankments
  • Design and analysis of earth retaining structures
  • Planning of soil investigation programs
  • Planning and design of soil improvement schemes
  • Sub-soil characterization
  • Seismic design of foundations
  • Seismic hazard analysis
  • Micro-zonation Maps
  • In-situ pile characterization using Pile Integrity Tests

Structural Engineering Division

The Structural Engineering Division is manned by a group of highly qualified professionals and equipped with the state of the art hardware and software facilities for carrying out testing of various structural materials and providing expert consultancy services in the field of structural engineering. The consultants of this division are the leading structural engineering experts of the country with wide ranging experiences. Apart from routine quality assurance testing of structural materials, expert services are provided in the design of various reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete as well as steel structures like high rise buildings, long-span bridges, transmission towers etc.

The division has the largest structural engineering testing facility in the country with laboratories equipped with modern testing machines and equipment. Routine strength tests of various materials like steel, concrete, brick, cement, timber, plastic, rubber etc. are carried out in Structures and Materials Laboratory and the Concrete Laboratory as per the relevant standards. On-site non-destructive evaluation are also conducted. Modern structural software like SAP2000, ETABS, STRAND7, STAADPro, DIANA and many other tools are used for analysis and safety evaluation of structures.


  • Routine test for evaluation of strength and other properties of structural materials like steel, concrete, cement, brick, stone, timber, rubber, plastic etc.
  • Creep testing for structural materials
  • Test for properties of aggregate
  • Non-destructive testing of structures by Schmidt hammer or by cutting concrete cores
  • Impact test and hardness test for metal specimen
  • Design of concrete mixes
  • Calibration of pressure gages and other load measuring device
  • All the above tests are performed as per BS, ASTM or ISO standards


  • Design of any conceivable and practically feasible structure like tall building, bridge and fly-over, lattice tower and mast, water tank, airport hanger, stadium, jetty, offshore structures, tunnel, transmission poles etc.
  • Checking of structural designs for various structures.
  • Preparation for technical specifications for various structural engineering projects.
  • Technical evaluation of bids related to structural engineering projects.
  • Safety assessment of old structures.
  • Investigation into the causes of poor durability and failure of structures.
  • Retrofitting of earthquake vulnerable structures.
  • Quality assessment of new constructions.
  • Repair and rehabilitation of old and important structure.

Transportation Engineering Division

The Transportation Engineering Division has been providing testing, design and consultancy services since its inception in diverse areas including quality control and testing of highway materials, geometric design of highways, structural design of pavements, field investigation, traffic control and management, NMT issues, accident analysis and safety measures, feasibility study of transport projects, preparation and evaluation of contractual documents etc. Highway and transport specialists of this division have extensive experience in highway materials, design, maintenance and improvement works, survey works, transport economics, transport planning and modeling, traffic control and management, traffic safety, GIS and simulation works. Well equipped laboratories include Highway Engineering and Material Laboratory, Traffic Engineering and Safety Laboratory, Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory and Survey and Photogrammetry laboratory.


  • Testing of road construction material.
  • Evaluation of pavement structures.
  • Road surface condition and roughness survey.
  • Traffic survey / Questionnaire survey.
  • Measurement of air quality and road noise levels.
  • Land / Engineering project surveys.
  • Recycling of pavement materials.
  • Road user behavioral studies.
  • Application of GIS / GPS and video image processing techniques in data acquisition and management system.
  • Field investigation of highway projects.


  • Geometric and structural design of pavements, parking lots, container yards
  • Pedestrian and NMV facilities
  • Design of mixes (cement and asphalt)
  • Infrastructure development and project evaluation
  • Highway maintenance / improvement
  • Road accident investigation / safety measures / road safety auditing
  • Development, calibration and application of transportation models
  • Training on material testing, quality control, and various aspects of transportation engineering, traffic planning, safety and management.
  • Traffic control studies and management
  • Transportation policy and planning studies
  • Land-use and transportation planning and design
  • Transportation professional development and training

Major Completed and Ongoing Projects

  • Consultancy Service for Bogra Shahid Ziaur Rahman Medical College Hospital
  • Development of Strategic Transport Plan (STP) for Dhaka Metropolitan Area
  • Techno-Economic and Environmental Assessment of the Proposed Commercial Development of Lowlands Adjacent to Sonargaon Hotel
  • Development Proposal for Uttara Residential Model Town (3rd Phase) Project
  • Design Checking of SPC Poles and Issuance of Certificates
  • 20-Storied Commercial Building of Shadharan Bima Corporation
  • Design and Specification of Multistoried Building cum Car Park of Dhaka City Corporation
  • Checking of Structural Design of IUB Campus Building Complex at Bashundhara
  • Temperature Study of Effluent Disposal System
  • Expert services for rehabilitation of Jetties for Chittagong food silo.
  • Consultancy service for Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf Marine Drive Road
  • Consultancy service for Dharala Bridge Project
  • Consultancy service for Gorai Steel Truss Bridge
  • Technical consultancy service for Jamuna Bridge Seismic Instrumentation
  • Assessment of site development for 450-MW AES Meghnaghat Power Plant Project.
  • Design of East-West Inter-connector
  • Preparation of the resettlement plan for the Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge Project.
  • Providing assistance to the Government of Bangladesh in the preparation of design and specification for the Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge Project by working as members of the International Panel of Experts.
  • Developing the Environmental Management Action Plan for the Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge Project.
  • Preparation of technical specification and tender document for the runway overlay works at the Zia International Airport.
  • Contribution in the development of the Bangladesh National Building Code.
  • Preparation of the preliminary design specification and supervision of the construction of the Bangabandhu Novo-theater.
  • Seismic instrumentation of the Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge.
  • Preparation of the design specification and supervision of the construction of the Dharla Bridge.
  • Structural Design of Saidpur Bridge.